Walleye Tournament Rules - 2019

  1. RULES: The following rules for this tournament will be used. These rules will be interpreted by the Tournament Officials and all decisions are final. Any violation of these rules, or any Fish and Boat Commission regulations shall be reason for disqualification and possibly from all future events. Failure to read these rules is no excuse. Knowledge of all S City Outdoors Fishing Tournament rules is your responsibility, and by acknowledging you have read the rules on your application.
  2. ELIGIBILITY: All individuals 18 years of age or older, individuals age 12-17 with parental consent, individuals under the age of 12 with parental consent and participating partner over the age of 18. All participants must pay the proper entry fees. Entry form and waiver must be completely filled out and signed by both contestants. We reserve the right not to accept any entries, we feel that are not in the best interest of S City Outdoors. ALL ANGLERS AGE 16 AND OLDER MUST POSSES A PENNSYLVANIA FISHING LICENSE and be able to present it at the time of the tournament. Teams must comply with state fishing and boating regulations at all times, including the use of PFDs and kill switches. Fishing and boating licenses, and boat insurance are the responsibility of team members.
  3. ENTRY FEE: $80.00 per team, 2 contestants per team; $45.00 per individual. Entries will be accepted up to the start of tournament. There is a $20 optional buy-in for lunker walleye for both team and individual entries.
  4. TOURNAMENT HOURS: Check in at 5:15am for tournament, hours will be 6:00am to 12:00pm. Captains meeting and review at 5:45am. We reserve the right to change hours and tournament dates if necessary. Teams will need to stay off the water from 12:00am the day of the tournament, and once their boat is checked at registration they can put it back in the water. Once you put your boat in the water, you must remain in line of site of the ramp until the tournament start time – you cannot take off (out of site) to go get bait and come back.
  5. SAFETY & SPORTSMANSHIP: Safe fishing practices must be observed at all times. Each contestant is expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. No alcoholic beverages, stimulants or depressants may be consumed during registration times and tournament times. No hole sitting or holding a fishing spot for another fishermen or contestants. Please help other boaters that are in trouble! It is every person’s responsibility to stop, or report, unsafe acts taking place. Contact the Tournament Directors regarding all unsafe acts. Dan (412) 327-4675 or Rider Dinnen 412-877-0421. Boat Captains must be willing to allow tournament staff to inspect their entire boat prior to launching.
  6. PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS AND ACTIVITIES: Anglers can fish the Ohio River within 10 nautical miles of the launch site. Permitted locations specifics will be given at the tournament, any rule changes at tournament site will override any written rule. A fishing team is 2 adult anglers per boat – 6 poles max in use at any time! Rod and reel fishing only, no limb lines, jug lines, electrical devices, dynamite or sorcery can be used to catch fish during a tournament. Shore/bank fishing is allowed for this tournament! No moving fish from one boat to another. Boat captains will not fish closer than 50 yards of another boat-if you have to ask if you're within 50 yards, you should probably move. The boat who is anchored first has the “right of way.”  When passing drifting or anchored boats, give them a wide berth so you do not cause unnecessary risk or movement of their boats.  All local laws apply when using bait. No chumming or baiting of fishing holes or areas is allowed in preparation of, or during tournaments.
  7. WEIGH IN AND TIES: Ties, will be broken by the biggest fish of the two tying teams. Winners will be ranked by total length of three walleye.
  8. TOURNAMENT MEETINGS: 15 minutes before take-off. We will go over the basic rules and tournament hours before take-off. You must be signed in prior to the captains/safety briefing in order to participate in the initial launch. If you do not make that time, you are still eligible for the late launch once you have been briefed. Each launching order will be in 10 boat groups and with a 1-2-minute interval between launches, unless the tournament director says otherwise. Personal flotation devices (PFD’s) will be worn at all launches. Teams may only use tournament designated ramps for loading and unloading.
    All boat captains must follow local water speed laws. Coming back to the ramp for the weigh in – low speeds must be used when coming into a group of boats waiting to load, meaning approximately 100 yards out from the group of boats waiting at the ramp, boat captains need to reduce speeds and limit the wake of their boats. Flying in to the ramp and zig zagging around other boats to the weigh in at the last second is a safety hazard to you and others.  All fish must be photo'd and released with no harm. Walleye are the only fish we are targeting and this includes the lunker as well. 

    Late Launch – Anglers will have an option of launching late if they are not able to start the tournament with the other angler.

  9. TOURNAMENT CANCELLATION: If canceled due to reasons of safety, high water, etc., entry fees will be transferred. NO REFUNDS.

NO WEIGH IN!  LENGTH will decide winners!

Catch, photo, release!



1. Each photo must contain the following:

Left side of fish facing up
Mouth must be touching against the end of the measuring unit (Closed mouth)
The whole fish, mouth to tail
Measurements clearly visible
Unique identifier for the event (number/letter code on hand in picture)
Tail centered on measuring unit
Photo must be taken overhead, not at an angle

    2. Participants may only use digital cameras or phones for recording scoring of fish.

    3. Fish of similar lengths must be distinguishable between one another, Disqualification of one of the fish will be up to tournament director or predetermined event judge if fish are indistinguishable

    4. Photos that do not meet the requirements listed will not count.


    1. We have decided to use the PA Fish and Boat method of measurement.

    According to the Fish and Boat Commission, the total length of a fish is from the mouth to the longest point of the tail. Tails must be centered on the board as shown below. There is no penalty for an un-pinched tail.
    Mouth must be closed and touching the measuring unit. The fish's length will be where the tail end to the 1/4". If the judges determine the mouth is open more than 1/4", there will be a 1" deduction.
    Nothing can cover the fish's eye or be under the gill plate or fish will be disqualified.
    Mouth must be against measuring unit with left side of fish facing up. Any fish measured incorrectly will be disqualified.

      2. Rounding of fish length will be down to the nearest ¼”

      3. A mangled or 'irregular' tail will be scored from the longest of the two tail points

      4. Nothing is allowed to be in the fish’s mouth while being photographed. A deduction of a 1” for fish photographed while "lip gripped" with Boca/Lucid/fish grips. Please be sure to take the lure/hook out of the fish’s mouth before taking the photo. This is a danger to you and the fish so please keep them out of their mouth. No stringers are to be used to keep the fish on the board. If the stringer is used, the fish will be disqualified.

      5. (3) Longest verified lengths will be totaled for your total score.

      6. The participant(s) with the highest total score are the winner, next highest is second, etc

      Submitting Entries:

      1. The preferred method of submitting entries will be by emailing your team name, team participants, and photo of entry to contactus@scityoutdoors.com - we will do our best to respond within 15-30 minutes with your official score is based on the photo submitted. Email entries can be submitted at any time up to 12:00 pm, entry times can be used to determine tie breakers.

      2. If not submitting remotely, entrants must bring the memory card from their camera to check-in. The tournament scorekeeper will download memory cards onto the official computer. The tournament scorekeeper will be able to read most standard memory cards, however anglers should bring a USB cable for their camera to ensure that their photos may be downloaded. It is not the scorekeepers responsibility to ensure the photo can be seen, only photos submitted by email are guaranteed to be scored.

      At any time, for any reason, any entry, entries, or participants can be banned, disallowed, or disqualified at the sole discretion of the tournament directors if deemed appropriate or necessary.